Happy Kitchen TM Vegetable Oils and Salad Dressings

Happy Kitchen trade mark offers a wide range of top quality vegetable oils, flour and salad dressings for those keen on cooking, open to experiments and excited to create culinary masterpieces.
Happy Kitchen TM is a new project by Konoplex Group. Konoplex Group is a diverse agricultural company with fully integrated production, from seed farming and breeding to industrial hemp processing into finished products. The group was founded in 2014 In total, the group uses over 12,500 ha of the crop rotation acreage.

We are:

  • Expert and largest producer of hemp products in Russia and the CIS.
  • Innovator – we have rediscovered a wide range of modern and functional food.
  • Responsible manufacturer – we use quality materials and best domestic seed stock for production.
  • Synonymous with rigorous and quality production based on the principles of natural cultivation.
  • The production process uses cutting-edge equipment made in Germany.
  • The quality of our products is monitored at all production stages using the ‘field to table’ concept.
  • Continuous breeding programs in collaboration with research institutes, as well as
    regular stock tests and certifications to select the best varieties with high yield and oil content.
  • For the cultivation of oilseeds, we select regions with sound environmental conditions.

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