Hemp oil

Product Description

One of the healthiest vegetable oils. It has a nice taste with light nutty notes. Produced by cold pressing, it retains chlorophyll, antioxidants, phytosterols and phytoestrogens, vitamins A, E and K. It features a well-balanced ratio of omega 3-6-9. The oil has a beneficial effect on the digestive, cardiovascular, nervous, reproductive and respiratory systems.
Ingredients: sunflower oil, hemp oil
Volume: 250 ml

This is interesting!

– The first printed book, the Guttenberg Bible, was printed on hemp paper;
– Magu (hemp maid) is an immortal goddess of Chinese mythology, the symbolic patroness of women;
– a 17-mm hemp harpoon cable can withstand up to 2,800 kg and was used for hunting whales;
– Before he reached enlightenment, Buddha fasted for six years, eating one hemp seed a day.

Range of use